5 Beauty Tips to Get Ready for Summer

5 Beauty Tips to Get Ready for Summer

Can you believe summer is right around the corner? The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, and the countdown to summer has officially begun! To kick off the summer season, we’ve teamed up with Luna Plastic Surgery, a premier Atlanta Plastic Surgery practice, to bring you our top 5 pre-summer beauty tips. With everything from hair to skin to makeup, this list will have you glowing just in time for summertime!

  1. Haircut & Style

Schedule a haircut and choose a style that works best with your natural hair. Using heat tools on top of the summer heat can do extra damage to your locks, so this is a perfect time to rock the natural, air-dry look. During the extra warm days, keep your hair out of your face with an easy summer hair style such as a braid, ponytail, or topknot.

  1. Fresh Color

Tis the season to go lighter! We tend to see many more blondes and lighter hair colors in the summertime. Lighten your look with highlights for a subtle change, or try a fun color, such as pink or teal, for a bold change!

  1. Deep Conditioning Treatment

Protect your hair from the heat and humidity this summer with a deep conditioner. Fight frizz by applying a deep conditioning treatment to your strands once a week. Deep conditioners are a great way to add extra moisture and repair dry strands. Your hair will thank you for the extra care and you can even use it while you’re lounging by the pool!

  1. Laser Hair Removal

Nobody likes having to keep up with shaving or waxing during the summer. With laser hair removal, you can say goodbye to that razor and hello to smooth skin! Since laser hair removal does require multiple treatments to see a reduction in hair growth, start your treatments now to be ready for summer!

  1. Permanent Makeup

With permanent makeup, you’ll no longer have to risk sweating your makeup off or smudging it in the pool. You can toss those waterproof mascaras and look great all summer long with permanent eyeliner, eyebrows, and lip color.

Follow these pre-summer beauty tips to have beautiful, healthy hair and skin. By the time summer rolls around, you’ll be ready for the first pool party of the season! Contact Luna Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation and receive 50% off laser hair removal until the end of June with the coupon below!


Artist of the Quarter

We are VERY pleased to showcase Kristina Gray as our Artist of the Quarter.  Her well known art is featured around the world and available for purchase this quarter at the salon!



About the Artist

Kristina Gray is a local artist, born in Vicenza, Italy and native to Marietta, Georgia. Her work is highly influenced by nature, exploring themes of reflection, memory and joy. Her paintings are characterized by rich color, texture and a juxtaposition of stillness and movement. Her work can be found in private collections throughout the U.S, U.K. and France.

In this series, Horizon, Kristina explores the theme of seeking simplicity in a complex world. The horizon line, where land or sea meets sky, is used to convey one’s search for simplicity, which, like the horizon, remains elusive, yet encouragingly ever-present in the distance. Much like the days and years that pass, the horizon is constantly changing, full of hope, and always beautiful.

Kristina is also an award winning designer, art director and a member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts. She studied design and fine art and holds a Bachelor’s of Advertising from the University of Georgia. Kristina currently leads a corporate creative design team in the Atlanta area. When she’s not creating, she enjoys time with her husband Chris, daughter Norah, and their two dogs. She also loves to explore new places and work in her garden.

Screenshot 2016-02-01 16.48.58



Artist of the Quarter

Gaye McCune waterThis past quarter we featured Faye McCune, she started painting as therapy for herself while her husband was ill. While Faye is a self taught painter, her inspiration would come from her mood at any given time. Loving all genres of art she can pull from many memories and experiences to create her collections that each have a deep meaning to Faye as an artist. Since her husband’s passing, Faye continues to study and appreciate art in it’s many forms, and is consistently growing, in her passion to create.

Gaye McCune trees

Gaye McCune desert

Artist of the Quarter updates!

Okay, since we have started our Artist of the quarter, we have had Bruce Brown and his amazing nature photography, next up we featured Neal Kerr! Neal is most fondly referred to as Uncle Neal, by Sarah the owner of Arthur Clarence Salon. Being close to family is important to Sarah, and once she learned that her Uncle was painting again, she quickly asked if she could display some of his art in the salon.  Sarah’s parents were traveling to Ohio in the next couple of weeks, and upon arriving Neal had several paintings waiting for them to be delivered back to Sarah at the salon for the clients viewing pleasure!


Neal Kerr 1Neal from Ohio, attended Saturday painting classes as a senior in high school at the Cleveland Art Institute. After graduating high school and settling into life, he joined the military and married his wife and soon after started a family. Neal’s life in cliff notes leads us to present day. Upon retiring at the young age of 67, Neal picked back up his oil painting as a hobby. Neal’s inspiration for his work came from his many travels in the military and his own backyard! Hope you enjoy them as much as he has enjoyed painting them!

Neal Kerr Nature Paintings

neal kerr2



Which Pastel Shade is right for You?

pastels pastels2

Which Pastel Hair Color Suits You Best?

Schwarzkopf Professional has seized the pastel spectacular and created the next big thing in iridescent pastel pearl tones! At the salon we carry all of the Pearl-essence shades and the Metallics! These “crazy” hair tones aren’t just for the young ones either…




Whether your hair is light or dark, let our helpful IGORA ROYAL Pearlescent color guide help you chose the right hair color this season:

Magenta: Magenta is seen as a positive, passionate and emotionally intense color.

Emerald: Motivating and calming whilst symbolizing the color of nature, shades of green are great for the darker blonde.

Coral: An energizing tone to add to the more tenacious blonde – consider mixing shades to create that marbled look!

Pastel Amber: Warm and natural looking, perfect for those who wish to add a subtle twist to their blonde.

Pastel Candy: These fun colors can add a warm and quirky feel to any blonde. Like Magenta, Candy colors are well suited to positive and outgoing personalities.

Pastel Lavender: Indulgent blue tones can be used to create a more matt, cool effect. Perfect for younger clients who want to stand out.

Pastel Mint: A great pastel color for this season perfect for those who love green but are after something a little more subtle.


Call the salon or go online today to make your Peal-essence appointment!

Artist of the Quarter

IMG_6776 (1)

Every quarter or so, the Arthur Clarence Salon will be hosting a collection of work from local friends and clients that have loads of artistic ability…..photography, paintings..collages, basically anything you can hang on a wall!

Our first featured Artist………

Bruce Brown, Smyrna, GA
 Bruce, a client of the Sarah’s, takes amazing nature photos. His work is now featured in the salon, come by and take a look at his latest collection! I wanted to share  A little about what inspired him to start his growing hobby of photography.
 While serving as small arms weapons instructor in the US Air Force in Fayetteville, NC, Bruce spent long hours training our military forces how to protect and defend.  As a retreat from the intensive training, his days off were spent in the great outdoors.  During these retreats, Bruce developed an appreciation for nature and wildlife.  This appreciation turned into a passion for capturing the exquisite beauty of a single butterfly or a soaring raptor through a camera lens.
 If by chance you become captivated at his work, like we are, any of the displayed photos are available for purchase. They also can be customized to fit your needs, whether you need a bigger print or prefer a canvas, Bruce can accommodate anything!
Artist WallArtist Wall

Continuing Education!


Today was a random Monday morning at the Tony and Guy Academy in Marietta! I found out about the class late, and showed up unannounced with no ticket! Thankfully there were a few seats left and I was able to purchase my ticket and slide into the 2nd row right before the start! So Exciting!

The TIGI Ambassadors that taught the class were very Knowledgeable and Entertaining! They talked about color and how to achieve pastel shades along with great melting techniques that are featured in the 2015 collection. Not only did they exhibit awesome partings and fun patterns for their color mapping on the head shape, they talked about how to incorporate the color to enhance the haircut.

What is different for TIGI stylists is, they only do one or the other, color or cut. Each stylist has to collaborate with the other to agree and know “the look” for their guest.


Thats why I love my job! I LOVE being able to complete the entire look for my guest, completely personalized for each individual, from beginning to end without any miscommunications! I already have a map in my head on how to place the color in order to enhance the shape I plan on for the cut! The only collaboration I need is talking with my guest to make sure that my ideas meet his or her needs! 😉

The cutting techniques today were basic and it felt great in knowing how to execute these skills from my past learning! It’s always nice to be refreshed and watch someone else use techniques that you have previously put in your tool box. Good to know, I’m still on the right track!

I’ve never attended a TIGI continuing ed class before, because I’ve never been a huge fan of the company’s collections or style. I enjoyed seeing a different side of the industry and a different look on todays fashion, but confirmed my previous thoughts……I’m not a TIGI fan…but I completely respect their craft, and admired every minute of the skill it took to create this collection!



 A lot happened in the year 2014 for me…I’ll try to catch you up in a nutshell.

 January….Signed lease for the salon Dec. 31st, started construction the very next week! The whole month was chaos, but snow storms and late shipments didn’t stop my amazing contractor who was able to complete EVERYTHING prior to opening day, Saturday February 1st.

Feburary-March….Busy, busy, busy! Getting a handle on running a salon on my own and caring for my AWESOME and SUPPORTIVE clients. Oh…yeah and I GOT ENGAGED!

April…..Hired my first employee! The amazing Candice Hunt, who is still a major player in the salon, keeping everything running smoothly!

May-August….Just moving along beautifully…living my dream of being a salon owner, clients are still coming in and spreading the word, helping the business to grow! Oh….yeah, and planning a wedding!

September…..Business good, got married…enjoyed the Honeymoon in Italy…LIFE IS GOOD!

October.…Planning for the holidays…Busy..Busy!

November-December…. Soared through the holidays making my wonderful clients beautiful and happy!

Closing out the year with gratefulness and excitement of making it through my first year of owning a business! I could have never made it without my girl Candice, My Husband and My Family, also my CPA, but most of all..My CLIENTS!


My Family at our Wedding


Sarah in action!

Candice, the girl who does it all!

Candice, the girl who does it all!