Artist of the Quarter

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Every quarter or so, the Arthur Clarence Salon will be hosting a collection of work from local friends and clients that have loads of artistic ability…, paintings..collages, basically anything you can hang on a wall!

Our first featured Artist………

Bruce Brown, Smyrna, GA
 Bruce, a client of the Sarah’s, takes amazing nature photos. His work is now featured in the salon, come by and take a look at his latest collection! I wanted to share  A little about what inspired him to start his growing hobby of photography.
 While serving as small arms weapons instructor in the US Air Force in Fayetteville, NC, Bruce spent long hours training our military forces how to protect and defend.  As a retreat from the intensive training, his days off were spent in the great outdoors.  During these retreats, Bruce developed an appreciation for nature and wildlife.  This appreciation turned into a passion for capturing the exquisite beauty of a single butterfly or a soaring raptor through a camera lens.
 If by chance you become captivated at his work, like we are, any of the displayed photos are available for purchase. They also can be customized to fit your needs, whether you need a bigger print or prefer a canvas, Bruce can accommodate anything!
Artist WallArtist Wall