Which Pastel Shade is right for You?

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Which Pastel Hair Color Suits You Best?

Schwarzkopf Professional has seized the pastel spectacular and created the next big thing in iridescent pastel pearl tones! At the salon we carry all of the Pearl-essence shades and the Metallics! These “crazy” hair tones aren’t just for the young ones either…




Whether your hair is light or dark, let our helpful IGORA ROYAL Pearlescent color guide help you chose the right hair color this season:

Magenta: Magenta is seen as a positive, passionate and emotionally intense color.

Emerald: Motivating and calming whilst symbolizing the color of nature, shades of green are great for the darker blonde.

Coral: An energizing tone to add to the more tenacious blonde – consider mixing shades to create that marbled look!

Pastel Amber: Warm and natural looking, perfect for those who wish to add a subtle twist to their blonde.

Pastel Candy: These fun colors can add a warm and quirky feel to any blonde. Like Magenta, Candy colors are well suited to positive and outgoing personalities.

Pastel Lavender: Indulgent blue tones can be used to create a more matt, cool effect. Perfect for younger clients who want to stand out.

Pastel Mint: A great pastel color for this season perfect for those who love green but are after something a little more subtle.


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