A lot happened in the year 2014 for me…I’ll try to catch you up in a nutshell.

 January….Signed lease for the salon Dec. 31st, started construction the very next week! The whole month was chaos, but snow storms and late shipments didn’t stop my amazing contractor who was able to complete EVERYTHING prior to opening day, Saturday February 1st.

Feburary-March….Busy, busy, busy! Getting a handle on running a salon on my own and caring for my AWESOME and SUPPORTIVE clients. Oh…yeah and I GOT ENGAGED!

April…..Hired my first employee! The amazing Candice Hunt, who is still a major player in the salon, keeping everything running smoothly!

May-August….Just moving along beautifully…living my dream of being a salon owner, clients are still coming in and spreading the word, helping the business to grow! Oh….yeah, and planning a wedding!

September…..Business good, got married…enjoyed the Honeymoon in Italy…LIFE IS GOOD!

October.…Planning for the holidays…Busy..Busy!

November-December…. Soared through the holidays making my wonderful clients beautiful and happy!

Closing out the year with gratefulness and excitement of making it through my first year of owning a business! I could have never made it without my girl Candice, My Husband and My Family, also my CPA, but most of all..My CLIENTS!


My Family at our Wedding


Sarah in action!

Candice, the girl who does it all!

Candice, the girl who does it all!





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