Artist of the Quarter updates!

Okay, since we have started our Artist of the quarter, we have had Bruce Brown and his amazing nature photography, next up we featured Neal Kerr!¬†Neal is most fondly referred to as Uncle Neal, by Sarah the owner of Arthur Clarence Salon. Being close to family is important to Sarah, and once she learned that her Uncle was painting again, she quickly asked if she could display some of his art in the salon. ¬†Sarah’s parents were traveling to Ohio in the next couple of weeks, and upon arriving Neal had several paintings waiting for them to be delivered back to Sarah at the salon for the clients viewing pleasure!


Neal Kerr 1Neal from Ohio, attended Saturday painting classes as a senior in high school at the Cleveland Art Institute. After graduating high school and settling into life, he joined the military and married his wife and soon after started a family. Neal’s life in cliff notes leads us to present day. Upon retiring at the young age of 67, Neal picked back up his oil painting as a hobby. Neal’s inspiration for his work came from his many travels in the military and his own backyard! Hope you enjoy them as much as he has enjoyed painting them!

Neal Kerr Nature Paintings

neal kerr2



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