Artist of the Quarter

We are VERY pleased to showcase Kristina Gray as our Artist of the Quarter.  Her well known art is featured around the world and available for purchase this quarter at the salon!



About the Artist

Kristina Gray is a local artist, born in Vicenza, Italy and native to Marietta, Georgia. Her work is highly influenced by nature, exploring themes of reflection, memory and joy. Her paintings are characterized by rich color, texture and a juxtaposition of stillness and movement. Her work can be found in private collections throughout the U.S, U.K. and France.

In this series, Horizon, Kristina explores the theme of seeking simplicity in a complex world. The horizon line, where land or sea meets sky, is used to convey one’s search for simplicity, which, like the horizon, remains elusive, yet encouragingly ever-present in the distance. Much like the days and years that pass, the horizon is constantly changing, full of hope, and always beautiful.

Kristina is also an award winning designer, art director and a member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts. She studied design and fine art and holds a Bachelor’s of Advertising from the University of Georgia. Kristina currently leads a corporate creative design team in the Atlanta area. When she’s not creating, she enjoys time with her husband Chris, daughter Norah, and their two dogs. She also loves to explore new places and work in her garden.

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