Continuing Education!


Today was a random Monday morning at the Tony and Guy Academy in Marietta! I found out about the class late, and showed up unannounced with no ticket! Thankfully there were a few seats left and I was able to purchase my ticket and slide into the 2nd row right before the start! So Exciting!

The TIGI Ambassadors that taught the class were very Knowledgeable and Entertaining! They talked about color and how to achieve pastel shades along with great melting techniques that are featured in the 2015 collection. Not only did they exhibit awesome partings and fun patterns for their color mapping on the head shape, they talked about how to incorporate the color to enhance the haircut.

What is different for TIGI stylists is, they only do one or the other, color or cut. Each stylist has to collaborate with the other to agree and know “the look” for their guest.


Thats why I love my job! I LOVE being able to complete the entire look for my guest, completely personalized for each individual, from beginning to end without any miscommunications! I already have a map in my head on how to place the color in order to enhance the shape I plan on for the cut! The only collaboration I need is talking with my guest to make sure that my ideas meet his or her needs! 😉

The cutting techniques today were basic and it felt great in knowing how to execute these skills from my past learning! It’s always nice to be refreshed and watch someone else use techniques that you have previously put in your tool box. Good to know, I’m still on the right track!

I’ve never attended a TIGI continuing ed class before, because I’ve never been a huge fan of the company’s collections or style. I enjoyed seeing a different side of the industry and a different look on todays fashion, but confirmed my previous thoughts……I’m not a TIGI fan…but I completely respect their craft, and admired every minute of the skill it took to create this collection!